A new TV? Focus on these criteria

by David Brown

Buying a new TV seems like a trivial matter, yet when it comes down to it, the stumbling blocks begin. The market is flooded with models from various manufacturers, and the huge price range does not make things any easier. So what should you consider when choosing a new TV? We discuss the most important criteria in our guide.


Start by finding out what the largest TV will fit in your living room. Yes, the biggest, because buying a display that’s too small could make you start to regret your decision in a moment. Measure the distance from the wall/RTV cabinet to the sofa. If it’s around one and a half metres, a 50-55 inch TV will be suitable.

Smart TV system

This is a basic selection criterion today. Virtually every TV on the market today offers smart features, while their stability and usability are strongly dependent on the type of operating system used. Without a doubt, the most future-proof option is Android TV. On the other hand, avoid closed and no longer developed systems, for example on Linux.

Matrix type

We do not want to start a new war between the camps of VA matrix and IPS matrix supporters. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to choose the matrix that works best for your specific conditions. If you watch TV exclusively straight ahead and care about nice colours (especially blacks), go for a VA. If you are watching content in even a slight tilt, it is worth choosing an IPS matrix. OLED, however, is already a completely different price range, which is why we do not add this matrix to our comparison.

Connectors and access to them

For a new TV to be as functional as possible, you need a variety of connectors, including HDMI, USB and LAN for a fast, stable connection to the Internet. The number of connectors is not as important as easy access to them. Check that when you hang the TV on the wall, for example, you will still be able to insert a memory stick or connect some equipment via HDMI without any problems.

Refresh rate

This parameter will be important especially for gamers who want to display content streamed from a console on the TV. In this case, look for a TV with a refresh rate of 100-120 Hz, which will ensure the best picture fluidity.

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