How do I get even more links to my site without buying advertising? Simple ways

by David Brown

It is no secret that the number of valuable links leading to a website has a huge impact on its search engine position. The primary method of acquiring such links is to use paid promotion – such as buying sponsored articles on portals. If your budget does not allow you to do this, you still have several options to choose from. Check out how you can acquire even more links to your website completely free of charge.

Guest posting

This method requires a bit of a commitment, as you first need to find a site where you can publish such a guest post. The best address would be a specialist blog. You are in an industry and can be considered an expert. Search for a number of thematic blogs on topics you are familiar with and offer to write a content-related post for free, but ask them to add a link to your site in the footer of the post.

Signature on an internet forum

It is true that the administrators of internet forums are already very sensitive to perfidious whisper marketing activities, but if you have had an account on a forum for a long time, you can boldly put a link to your website in the footer. Nobody should be offended.

Promoting blog posts on social media

When creating cool articles for your company blog, you can start getting links through social media. All you need to do is post a link to the post on your fanpage or profile on Instagram immediately after publication. If you find the article very interesting, other users will certainly share it with their friends, and that’s another valuable link.

Comments under articles

We’re back to whisper marketing, which doesn’t have a very good reputation but can sometimes be really effective. Remember, however, that these activities should not be pushy and infantile. Don’t link to your site in every comment. Only do this if it can fit into the context of the discussion going on under the article.

Product review

Reviewers can do more, as their opinions are highly sought after by consumer portals or price comparison sites, among others. When creating a product review, you can include a link to your website, e.g. in the form of a signature.

Supporting a charity organisation

There are plenty of charities that need any kind of support. They are happy to visit for not including a link to the donor’s page on their website. You may find such action cynical, but at least it is effective.

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